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Aussie Audio Mart's Terms of Use Policy

Please read the following Terms of Use Policy before using this site. By using the site and/or its services, you enter into Agreement of this policy.

The following Terms of Use Policy establishes the terms, conditions, and legal disclaimers necessary to ensure the quality of Aussie Audio Mart ("", "AUSAM", "we", or "us") and the services offered to you, the users ("buyers" and "sellers").

Note: Ads on Aussie Audio Mart ( are those posted by users, not by Aussie Audio Mart. We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers, and as a result, Aussie Audio Mart has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised, the truth or accuracy of each classified ad and any representations made by the seller, the ability of sellers to sell the item and the ability of the buyers to buy the item. However, users and all transactions conducted on this site must comply with any applicable law and this Terms of Use Policy. We are not liable for any activity (including losses) incurred by a user while using this site, as well as any activity that occurs external to the Aussie Audio Mart site. We reserve the right to remove any ad or user that abuses his/her privileges and that does not abide by the law and this Policy.

General Information:

Aussie Audio Mart only serves as a forum where buyers and sellers can meet up. We are not in any way involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers are completely responsible for working out any transactions that take place, and they are responsible for resolving any disputes. We do not screen nor have control of users. We also do not review, endorse, guarantee, or authenticate any of the ads placed on Aussie Audio Mart. Therefore, users should use care throughout your dealings. Users must also abide by any applicable laws, regulations or restrictions relating to transactions they participate in. Upon the completion of a sale, buyers and sellers must work out their own payment, shipping costs, applicable taxes and other costs when conducting a transaction on Aussie Audio Mart.


Aussie Audio Mart is to be used by Australian residents only. We reserve the right to refuse access of our services to anyone at our sole discretion.

Account Addresses must be correct

Your account address must always be accurate. This is an anti-fraud measure and a requirement of using Aussie Audio Mart. Moderators check to make sure users are accessing the site from locations that appear to match the general area of their account address, and will deactivate accounts which are being used from locations deemed to be completely different than the listed address. Many scammers and fraudulent users try to pass off their location as being somewhere they are not, hence this requirement is for the protection of the entire community.

Using Proxies, Fake IPs and Multiple Identities is forbidden

Please access Aussie Audio Mart using one single user account only. You should also only access the site using the IP given to you by your ISP (or if accessing from work, the IP given to you by your office network). Do not use Anonymous Proxy services or other services that may mask your IP and location. If your account is found to be using such services it will be terminated. If your account is posting classifieds or responses from an IP that does not match your account address, it will be terminated. Aussie Audio Mart has no tolerance for fraudsters and suspicious users who attempt to hide their location, ISP, or identity from Moderators.

Account Information and Password:

Any activities and information you provide under your account including the password you choose to utilize is your sole responsibility to protect. You cannot use your or other users' account or password for any unauthorized purpose. Aussie Audio Mart is not liable for any activities that happen in your account.

Casual Hobbyists, Commercial Users and Using the site for profit:

The service provided by Aussie Audio Mart is free for casual hobbyists buying and selling items for their personal use. Hobbyist users who regularly have to buy and sell items for personal use above the Free user levels can upgrade to a Premium or Premium+ user accounts. Commercial businesses, companies such as Dealers/Manufacturers/Distributors, or individuals who are buying or selling for a profit or attempting to buy and sell for profit or operating like a business on the site must have a Commercial/Dealer account. Click here to view the "How to Become a Dealer" section and "How to Become a Premium user" section.

Rules for the Seller:

  1. Comply with any applicable laws or regulations.
  2. Any information provided to Aussie Audio Mart and any users of Aussie Audio Mart (i.e. personal and ad-related) must be clear, accurate, and up-to-date. Information should not be misleading or fraudulent.
  3. Content in ads NOT allowed include:
    • Many Keywords which do not relate to the item. This is considered Keyword Spam. It negatively impacts the site search functionality. Ads found to contain keyword spamming will be banned without notice.
    • Material that is obscene, offensive, harmful to minors, and invades one's privacy
    • Images belonging to another user's listing on Aussie Audio Mart or any other marketplace
    • External links or information regarding other sites that compete with Aussie Audio Mart (as determined by Aussie Audio Mart)
    • External links to sites that solicit information, or participate in activities such as scams or fraud.
  4. You may only post audio-related products.
  5. You must already have the rights to and possess the item you currently put up for sale.
  6. The item for sale must be placed in the most appropriate category and must in general be appropriate for the site. Aussie Audio Mart reserves the right to relocate an ad if we believe it is in an inappropriate category, or ban the ad if it is inappropriate for the site itself.
  7. Do not post an ad for an item more than once in the same category, or in different categories.

Violation of the aforementioned rules will result in the ad being discarded or modified and the user being banned from Aussie Audio Mart at our discretion.

Rules for the Buyer:

  1. Comply with any applicable laws or regulations.
  2. Personal information and any other information provided while corresponding with sellers must be accurate, avoid ambiguity or mislead, and be up-to-date.
  3. The reply system is meant to ask direct questions about the item for sale or to make offers to buy/sell. Do not reply to ads if all you want to do is negatively comment on the item/price/seller or offer unsolicited advice. Users who wish to improve the ad should instead use the "Report" system to alert moderators, who may then help the seller improve their ad. Users who continually abuse the response system will lose their account privileges.
Rules for Commercial and Dealer accounts:

  1. All the rules that apply to Buyers and Sellers apply to Commercial accounts and Dealers
  2. Do not post press releases or "coming soon" items (these can be posted in the Dealer forum)
  3. Classifieds posts should advertise "deals", such as an item discounted from it's regular selling price due to a limited time promotional offer, demo pricing, or being a used trade-in item. In the case of promotional offers or demos, dealers must make it clear what the original price of the goods was.
  4. After one warning, moderators will ban ads which should be forum press releases
  5. Commercial and Dealer users who wish to sell personal items MUST do so on a separate PAID Premium User account. This is the only time a user is allowed to use more than one account on the site.

Violation of the aforementioned rules will result in the user being banned from Aussie Audio Mart at our discretion.

As a buyer, you're free to browse through any of the ads on this site. If you are interested in an item, you can respond to the ad by contacting the buyer directly through email using our site. From there, the buyer and seller will communicate through email or other forms at their own will. Aussie Audio Mart only serves to facilitate the initiation of the negotiation process. We are not responsible for anything that happens beyond that point.

Access and Account Bans:

Aussie Audio Mart and its operators reserve the right to ban users and refuse access to anyone we deem is not abiding by our rules or is generally disruptive, fraudulent, dishonest, and/or undesirable. The site operators and moderators are the final authority on banning users.

Copyright and Trademark:

All content and compilation of the content of this site is the property of Aussie Audio Mart, and is protected by the Canadian and international copyright and trademark laws. User Submitted Content

As part of the normal operation of the site, users may submit content in the form of forum posts, classified ads, user reviews, and comments. It is understood that posting such content grants Aussie Audio Mart the right to display, disseminate, and use the information as it sees fit for the normal operation of the site and its features. In addition, user reviews, forum posts, and other original content submitted to the site become the property of Aussie Audio Mart and Canuck Digital Media Inc, and is protected by Copyright.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability:

Aussie Audio Mart and its operators try to keep the site safe and secure, but we cannot guarantee the safety, operation, or access if the site at all times. You agree that you are using the site and its services at your own risk, and that the information and services are provided to you "as is".

There are no express or implied warranties of merchantibility or fitness for use or sale.

By using our services you agree that Aussie Audio Mart and its operators, agents, owners, and employees are not liable for damages or losses as a result of using the site and its services.

Despite the above, if we are found liable, our liability to you or any third party is limited to the greater of a) any fees we may have charged you for the usage of our services not exceeding the fees paid to us in the 12 months preceeding the dispute b) $50.


If you have a dispute with other users, on or off the site, whether or not arising from the use of Aussie Audio Mart, or our services, or as a result of transactions initiated through the site, you release us (the site, its operators, owners, agents, and employees) from claims, damages, or other demands arising or connected to the dispute.


You will indemnify us and hold us (including the site, its operators, owners, agents and employees) harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to your breach of this Agreement, improper use of the site or its services, or breach of any law or the rights of another party.


If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, void, or for some reason unenforceable, it will be struck out and the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, void, or for some reason unenforceable, it will be struck out and the remainder of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

Your Consent:

By using our web site (, it constitutes acceptance and agreement of the details outlined in this Terms of Use Policy. Aussie Audio Mart reserves the right to modify this Terms of Use Policy at any time.

If you see a user/listing that violates the rules of this Policy, please notify us immediately through the "Report Ad" link of the listing.

Contact Info:

Canuck Digital Media Inc.
P.O. Box 27531
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5Z 4M4

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