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Author:  SIAS FODNA [ Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:40 am ]
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About us:

Hello and Welcome to SIAS FODNA.

My name is Sias Fodna. I have always been fascinated with the quality of sound reproduction. As a young Electrical Engineer, I was very curious about components measuring the same but sounding different. This was inspiration in the quest to make the best interconnects and audio products available. For example, the FODNA line of Interconnects are the pinnacle of extensive scientific research, development and auditioning for the most enjoyable sound possible.

Part of the secret lies in our exclusive SMD Technology.

What is SMD Technology? It is a system that has been designed to minimise the parasitic effects a cable has on the signal. Specifically dealing with dielectric absorption, capacitance and resonance. All factors that effect the quality of your aural enjoyment.

Furthermore, all of the components utilised for Sias Fodna Interconnects are chosen for their contribution towards sound quality. Unlike most manufacturers, we do not build to a budget.

All of our products are meticulously hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

For example, a single 1.5m FODNA Ethernet cable takes approximately 14 hours to be hand crafted into a finished product. Then it goes through an exhaustive quality control process and finally onto our cable burner for 200 hours. Typical turn around from order to shipping is two weeks.

Why choose Sias Fodna? Have you ever purchased a product that you enjoyed so much that you wanted to share it with family and friends? This is how we feel about Sias Fodna Interconnects. They consistently out perform other interconnects and we want you to experience the magic we hear.

In fact, we stand by our claim and offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just send them back to us in their original condition. Sias Fodna offer a "peace of mind" lifetime guarantee on all interconnects to the original purchaser. The only condition is that the Interconnect has not been subjected to misuse and postage is paid both ways. This guarantee is not transferable.

Latest news from our blog at

Interconnect shootout !

June 18, 2016

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know what's happening at SIAS FODNA.

Orders for the FODNA line of products have gone through the roof ! We are currently being inundated with people wanting our products. Our current waiting list has gone to seven weeks and growing every day. Part of the reason is because word has spread like wildfire in the local audio world after a recent interconnect shootout.

We a/b blind tested FODNA Interconnect,digital,power and speaker cable to an avid group of local audio enthusiasts. We put our reputation on the line against some of the high priced major brands. Shunyata research (Anaconda), Transparent XL, Hi Diamond, Audioquest (Diamond), Kimber Monocle XL, Sablon.

The results unanimously blew everyone away ! The difference wasn't subtle !

In every case the FODNA's improved imaging,sound stage,PRAT,detail and dynamics. People actually complained when we went back to other interconnects.

They said that they had never heard such magic and were completely immersed in enjoying the emotional connection to what they were hearing.

One gentleman purchased FODNA's to replace every cable in his system. He was previously using Shunyata Anaconda.

Here is an excerpt of thoughts relayed in an email to SIAS FODNA. The gentleman brought over a Melbourne audio club buddy for a listening session and the following comments pertained to four things overall.

"The systems incredible smoothness, it's very high resolution of micro detail, it's ability to sound magical across a wide variety of music genres. Last but not least,the way it produced enhanced holographic or surround-type auditory effects (This blew them away actually)"

He then went on to say... " We both agreed we'd never heard such smoothness on the one hand, with such high resolution on the other. In my experience, these two parameters were, more often than not, mutually exclusive - especially in the context of today's modern hi-fi show type sound."

The gentlemen's sound system was comprised of:

CEC Transport (improved by Leviathan audio)

Lampizator level 7 DAC

Vienna Acoustics speakers

Accuphase integrated amplifier

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. I truly hope that you have a chance to enjoy our Interconnects and become part of the exclusive Sias Fodna family :D

If you would like any further information. Please contact us at or call (0434) 732 391 or (614) 34732391 from outside Australia.

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